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Who's on our Advisory Board?

Jodi Meyerowitz

Eleven years ago Jodi immigrated from Johannesburg, South Africa, to Portland, Oregon, a
 move that taught her to eat without a knife, drive on the "wrong" side of the road, and that 
exposed her to a diversity within the Jewish community that she had not known 
before; although this diversity scared her at first, it has since served as a great source of 
inspiration. As she enters her third year at the University of Oregon and complete an 
Economics and Planning, Public Policy, and Management double-major, she looks forward to 
her role as a Freshman Interest Group Assistant in which she will advise a group of first-year 
students and co-teach a class about credit. Additionally, she anticipates her newly elected role 
as Student Board President at Oregon Hillel, and as the Ethics Chair of This Is Israel, a new 
Israel advocacy group on campus. 

Jamie Zebrak

 Jamie Zebrak was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia. She moved out to the Pacific Northwest to attend the University of Oregon where she majored in Psychology and International Studies with a focus in the Middle East. During her four years in Eugene, Jamie was involved with Chabad, Hillel, and the Jewish Student Union. In 2006 Jamie traveled to Israel for a year to study at Hebrew University and participated in the Honors program for Middle East Studies. Upon returning to Oregon in 2007, Jamie served as an Emerson Fellow with StandWithUs and started an on campus Israel Advocacy group called ThisIsIsrael. She also served as Student Director of Chabad for the 2008 and 2009 school years. In 2008 Jamie and her partner Jodi Meyerowitz founded a non profit for Jewish college students in America and in Israel which focused on Jewish identity and social justice. The program, Shomer Achi, is in its pilot year and will scale to other campuses and regions in the coming years. Jamie is currently working in Boston at the Consulate General of Israel to New England as Director of Public Diplomacy. 

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