Shomer Achi: Trip Outline

HaKesher Alef:

     Location: Haifa, Israel
     Time: Oregon Spring Break 2009
     Participants: Oregon Students

HaKesher Bet:

      Location: Eugene, Oregon
      Time: August 2009
      Participants: Isreali Students

From the beginning of Shomer Achi, both American and Israeli participants have been volunteering, and engaging in local dialogues about immigration, how it affects both communities, and the Jewish view on the issues at hand.  The participants have also been in touch with each other over the phone, internet video conferences, and e-mail.  The HaKesher trips provide participants the opportunity to meet Jews from across the world who are addressing the same social justice issue, thereby strengthening their identity as members of the Jewish people.  The trips emphasize the importance of the Jewish obligation to the other, and the responsibility that Jews worldwide have to help the global community. 

Tentative Outline of HaKesher Alef:

Thursday, March 19  – students depart
Friday, March 20 – students arrive in Haifa
Shabbat – Orientation for Haifa and American students
  -  Fun Bonding

Sunday, March 22:
– Morning volunteer (absorption center, etc.)
-          Dialogue in the afternoon

Monday, March 23:
-          Full day volunteer
-          Speaker in the evening

Tuesday, March 24:
-          Morning Volunteer
-          Afternoon dialogue
-          See the city

Wednesday, March 25
-          Morning discussion and dialogue
-          Afternoon and evening volunteer

Thursday, March 26
-          Reflection
-          Night: American students Depart

Friday, March 27
-          Arrive in U.S. and head West