More Birnholtz: I'm More. I'm 24 years old and a third year student for computer science in the Technion.I was born and raised in Haifa, Israel but spent 2 years growing up in Amherst MA. This was my first experience with American culture in general and specifically Jewish American culture. Also, with Amherst being a university city there were a lot foreign and international communities and I got to experience the US "melting pot". After high school I served in the IDF like all Israelis. My service was in army intelligence. After the army I started teaching preparation courses for the Israeli SAT's and also found myself getting involved with the Jewish Agency. I was a shlicha (emissary) for two North American communities and summer day camps- the first was in the greater Boston area in 2005 and the second was in Palo Alto CA in 2006. Both were a life changing experience! Since then I have been actively seeking ways of getting involved and bettering the Jewish world, whether it be Birthright, Hillel and now fortunately taking part in Shomer Achi.

Hila David: My name is Hila David and I am a freshman from Sunnyvale, California. I spent the past year on a gap year program in Israel called Nativ. I studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem for a semester and lived on Kibbutz Ein Tzurim for the remainder of the time, where I spent the majority of my days milking cows. On my free time I enjoy dancing, exercising, scrapbooking and playing mah-jong. I am thrilled to be a participant of Shomer Achi, and am most looking forward to becoming familiar with the immigrant community in Eugene, my new home away from home.

Aaron Friedman: I am currently a senior at the University of Oregon and Robert D. Clark Honors College, where I am majoring in History. Though I was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, I have enjoyed many adventures and travels in various areas of the world. In my free time I try to spend as much time outside as possible, taking pleasure in nature while hiking, biking, or running.

Ari Goodblatt:  Ari Goodblatt hails from Portland, Oregon. He attended Portland Jewish Academy, Winterhaven School, and Wilson High School. Ari Also spent four months in Jerusalem with the program Tichon Ramah Yerushalayim in the spring of 2007. This is Ari’s first year at the University of Oregon, at this point his major is undecided but he is intently interested in Middle Eastern affairs. Ari looks forward to a great year with Shomer Achi and can’t wait to get back to Israel.

Ori Iny: My name is Ori Iny and I am a senior at the University of Haifa studying Economics and Middle-Eastern affairs. Though I am involved in Hillel Haifa I am living in Ramat-Gan, a green city right next to Tel-Aviv. I am supposed to finish my mandatory service in the I.D.F this year, and after 3 months of vacation, to continue my career service as an officer until 2015.  In my free time I love to travel and hike around Israel, work out at the gym and go clubbing with friends. I am very excited to be one of the participants of Shomer Achi, and can't wait to meet the American Shomrim

Sarah Meyerowitz:  I was born in South Africa and have been living in Portland, OR for 11years. I am currently a freshman at the U of O, majoring in psychology and hoping to study speech therapy and special education. In addition to Shomer Achi, I have am involved on campus with the Leadershape Institute, as well as Complex government for my residence hall.

Dina Nahamias: Shalom. I'm 24 years oldborn and raised in Akko, Israel. I am a Psychology and Economics B.A. student in Haifa University. As a teenager I used to volunteer in a youth program called Madatzim similar to a youth group in the U.S. such as NFTY or BBYO. I led a group of 4th graders for a year and was a summer camp counselorthroughout high school in both Israel and the United States. As a soldier I served as an armor instructor and later as an officer where I was a commander of the armor instructors. Right after I finished my military service, I was a 'Shlicha' in Corpus Christi, Texas as part of the JCC summer camp programs that the Jewish Agency providesA year before I also worked as a psychometric instructor- a test similar to the American SAT.

Adi Tzemach: HI my name is Adi and I am 23 years old, living in Kiryat Motzkin which is a suburb of Haifa. This is my second year as a studentin Haifa University, studying Community Theater and PoliticalScience. I have visited the US twice: my first time as a counselor inDetroit JCC summer camp and my second time as part of a theater group that joined together Jewish, Muslim and Christian artists from Israel thatperforminPittsburgh. My favorite place in the world is NY, and my favorite hobby is to play with mycutenephews. I become part of "Shomer Achi" program this year and I look forward to see you all in Israel.

Avital Ostfield Avital, a junior is on the Hillel Student Board and is very involved in the Jewish community as well as in her sorority, Gamma Phi Beta.I love theater, dancing, and hanging out with friends. My favorite TV show is 'Friends' and I loved the movie, 'A Walk To Remember'. As for reading, nothing excites me more than  The Notebook. I have a huge crush on Michael Phelps and I cannot wait to get back to Israel!

Ofer Roitenberg:  Hello! My name is Ofer, I was born and raised in Haifa, Israel. I'm currently a sophomore at Haifa University majoring in Middle Eastern studies as well as political science focusing on international affairs. I love playing football (soccer), tennis and skiing. Except for watching movies and TV serials (friends, lost, heroes) I love everything that has to do with Italy – food, music and... ski sites! I'm very happy for the opportunity given to me by joining this program and I hope I'll benefit the best out of it.

Nadav Savaia: My name is Nadav Savaia, and this is my last year in Haifa University. I am studying in the department of sociology - anthropology and communication. In addition to Shomer Achi, I take part in the "stand with us fellowship" for the first year.Between volunteering in the student village in "Hadar Hacarmel" and working in the "society for the protection of nature in Israel" I try to find some time for hiking, reading and …studying. In my free time (unfortunately I don't have much of it…) I like having meals with my family and playing with my nephews!

Luba Yusim Hello! My name is Luba Yusim and I am a senior at the University of Oregon studying International Studies and Russian.  I was born in Odessa, Ukraine but my family emigrated to San Francisco when I was a year old.  I am very excited to have been given the privilege of being a part of Shomer Achi and look forward to learning, growing and establishing sustainable connections with the people and communities I interact with.

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